Pre Media and Pre Press

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Pre Media and Pre Press

Log&Print offers high technology for efficient and fast file processing, such as PreMedia service for corporative clients, allowing thus reliability in the management of your files.

The pre press department has access to most modern technologies in the engraving of printing matrices, through the CTP process. This technology ensures that your project achieves maximum quality with more flexibility and less cost, without the use of film. Moreover, Log&Print operates with the most reliable workflow of the print industry, which has various complements and tools, enabling speed, flexibility and quality when placing your digital media.


Thinking in optimizing proof process, corrections and approvals, Log&Print developed an exclusive tool to handle its projects. InSite is a portal for the pre printing environment which allows clients to follow up their projects via web with the security and confidentiality of the information.

  • File upload and transference with safety between the client and Log&Print, optimizing the productive process cycle time;
  • Integrated layout remote proofing to the workflow, which allows the clients evaluating and monitoring the production process from any place;
  • Management and alteration requests transcribed directly on the pages which speeds up identifying location and the understanding, as well as strengthening communications between client and print company, also becoming a production tool;
  • Generation of reports, manually or automatically;
  • Intelligent review with high resolution, and many other resources;
  • Historical records of all projects, processes and users, with confidentiality and of the information.

Complying with ISO standard 12647-7 Log&Print is one of the first companies in the print industry in Brazil to offer contact proofs printed on the actual substrate of the job that will be produced on the offset printing machines. Now your file is reproduced with reliability and no surprises.