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Log&Print’s printing complex configuration allows great flexibility in finishing solutions:

  • Variable demands (from a single to million copies);
  • The application of improvements that add value to your project (application of UV varnish, lamination, hot stamping, etc.);
  • Perfect Binder (Hot melt, PUR and sewing);
  • Stich Binder;
  • Die – cut;
  • Individual and collective packaging (shrink);
  • Ink-Jet printing of variable data (addressing or identification);
  • Handling processes (bonding of perfumed adhesive) gifts, sachets, assembling of kit with plastic bags, special inserts, etc.)
  • lombada quadrada

    Perfect Binder

  • canoa

    Stich Binder

  • verniz


  • laminação


  • hot stamping

    Hot Stamping

  • shirink

    Special inserts