Social and Environmental Responsability Quality

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Social and Environmental Responsability Quality

Conscious Environmental Management

Ethics and transparency guide Log&Print’s management in all aspects of the relationship with its stakeholders, stockholders, employees, clients, the community, public bodies and any other agents.

Log&Print has the structure and processes founded in minimizing its productive process impacts on the environment, always searching for a sustainable development and ensuring compliance with all environmental laws.
Moreover, the company acts out as a quality integrated management system, meeting therefore the most stringent regulatory requirements and quality regulations of the world.
We comply with the most demanding standards and quality certifications, responsibility and management:

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • NBR ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • STD - 40.004 Custody Chain FSC
  • ABNT NBR 14790 Cerflor Custody Chain (Cerflor: Brazilian Forest Certification Program)
  • SA8000 – Declaration of the Human Rights
  • ISO 12647-7 – Digital Printing / Color test
  • ISO 3664 – Display and viewing conditions
  • ISO 2846-1 – Ink Supply


Log&Print’s safety and occupational health management constantly looks for more efficient alternatives which can reduce environmental impacts and the inherent risks involved in its processes through:

  • Treatment of its effluents;
  • Recycling of waste materials;
  • Substitution of raw materials and more salubrious inputs to the environment and to the employee;
  • Safety and occupational health, social and environmental awareness workshops; among other programs;
  • The acquisition of poper containing forest certification; a guarantee that it comes from a sustainable forest management source.